January 24, 2019
InHealth Client Care Feedback – 100%!

Cleaning Assurance clean 12 sites for InHealth and we are delighted to share the Client Care Feedback from the Guildford site.

Client Care Feedback carried out by Pauline McVicar, Breast Screening Service Programme Manager of the In Health Group – Jarvis Centre

InHealth Client Care Feedback Cleaning Assurance

In addition to the maximum score achieved Pauline made the following comments:

“I do not generally see the cleaning staff to comment on some points above as the service closes at 5pm but overall good. Feedback from our Radiography Manager is – I have no complaints, in fact, when we do our weekly room cleaning it is noticeable that hard to reach areas, are now cleaned. e.g. back of gantry so a thumbs up from us.

Thank you Pauline!