Alexandra Simmonds, Manager In Health Group Ealing

I wanted to take the opportunity to commend the staff who have worked with us at Ealing, particularly Remy who has been with us since the beginning almost ! He is a most pleasant gentleman with a very polite professional and courteous demeanour.

He has always effectively communicated any concerns or issues with me and ensured any security or other urgent matters were escalated to me, he is also fastidious about passing on lost property, whether it was small monies , the back of an earring or jewellery. I feel this attention to detail and care is above and beyond any I have seen in my career and it was a pleasure to work with someone passionate about what they do.

I have personally thanked him and Vidas who has also been most helpful and conscientious, and have always promptly reacted to any areas for further attention as they arose. I felt that you should be made aware for your reference and to allow you the opportunity to commend and congratulate your high calibre staff!