May 8, 2019
Be Clear on Why you should Clean your Windows Regularly

Given that there are so many jobs to do around the home and workplace, do you clean your windows regularly? If you answered no, you probably aren’t alone! Sadly. windows don’t seem to be a priority over a cluttered kitchen or a dusty desk.

The Structure of Glass

As glass is porous it can collect dirt and debris which makes it more fragile and can cause it to lose its transparency. The key factors to affect glass are:

  • Oxidation: This happens when metal around windows such as frames or screens, deteriorates after being exposed to rain or humidity and It permeates the surface
  • Acid Rain: This is rain which is made acidic by atmospheric pollution from industrial burning of coal and other fossil fuels, or waste gases which contain sulphur and nitrogen oxides. This mixes with atmospheric water.
  • Hard water: Minerals can build up from when glass is exposed to water running off the building or sprinkler system.
  • Exposure to sea water: Salt can build up on the glass surface.
  • Excess paint or particles of mortar.
  • Location Pollutants: pollen, dust, insects, sap etc.

The Reach and Wash System

The secret to clean windows is purified water using the cutting edge technology of the Reach and Wash system. Purified water is water that has been filtered or processed to remove impurities like chemicals and other contaminants. The poles have a pump system inside, so the purified water is pumped through on demand to a brush. As the brush is moved over the glass the pure water absorbs any impurities and lifts dirt and debris. The water fed poles are telescopic and can easily access heights of up to 70 feet. Because the purified water has been used the windows are left to dry naturally leaving a perfectly clear finish.



How often should Windows be Cleaned

The frequency of window cleaning depends on the location of the property and the levels of pollution they are exposed to. If the windows are subjected to high pollution, industrial dust or in coastal areas or regular extreme weather, they may need to be cleaned more regularly than a building that is situated in a sheltered area, in the countryside away from pollutants.

The Benefits of Regular Cleaning with a Water Fed Pole System

  • Purified water is harmless to the environment and no chemicals need to be used
  • No ladders are required so reduces the risk of injury or damage to the building
  • Accessibility to awkwardly placed windows using the poles
  • Skilled users of the water fed pole system can clean both the windows and the frames as well which provides a better finish
  • The versatility of this system means it can be used for cleaning fascias, soffits, commercial signage and cladding too

At Cleaning Assurance, we offer window cleaning using purified water reach and wash pole system. This is as an additional service to those who contract us for weekly general cleaning services of 20 hours or more. So, if you are coming to the end of your cleaning contract, looking for an alternative service provider or have found you have a need for one, look no further. We can meet all your needs and more – Contact us today we would be pleased to discuss your requirements and give a full no obligation quote.