Cleaning Assurance recognise that our cleaning, and delivery operations impact on the environment. As a responsible company we are committed to minimising any potentially harmful effects.


The Company has made a cultural and financial commitment to comply with all applicable legal obligations and with other requirements relevant to the environmental impacts of the company’s activities.

We have also set objectives and targets to ensure that performance can be monitored on a regular basis.

These include:

  • To develop awareness on the part of clients, suppliers, employees and sub-contractors to take all reasonable steps to ensure that any activity will have a minimal adverse effect on the environment, either during the actual process or in the disposal of bi-products.
  • To manage waste efficiently through segregation, recycling and the safe disposal of materials and packaging.
  • To reduce the use of fossil fuels by planning journeys and deliveries efficiently and by considering CO² emissions when procuring vehicles and machinery.
  • To choose suppliers, wherever possible, who are able to supply products that are recyclable or have a minimal effect on the environment.
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Important: please note we offer a daily cleaning service that has a minimum service level of chargeable hours per week.