TUPE Transfers

Cleaning Assurance has a positive attitude towards the Transfer of Undertakings and Protection of Employment. We consider it to be a framework for embracing staff who are settled in their employment, with a full working knowledge of the environment they service.

TUPE Transfers

All “TUPE Staff” will be assessed on their current knowledge, ability and attitude, as well as to their eligibility to work in the UK etc.

Process features

  • Introductory Presentation to the existing staff by Senior Personnel
  • Information gathering exercise
  • Consideration to client opinion
  • Examination of CRB Disclosure expiration
  • Inspection of Work records and personnel files
  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Application Forms
  • Written confirmation of appointment
  • Additional face-to-face meetings if requested

TUPE Transfers 2

Following this assessment, all TUPE staff will be afforded the same high quality Induction Training ranging from best technical practice to our company history.

We hold monthly reviews with staff. In this meeting Staff are informed of their performance objectives and the support they will receive to achieve them. Staff will have their employment confirmed after this induction phase, and join the programme of ongoing training, development and appraisal. Their future employment will now comply with Cleaning Assurance HR policies and practices.

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Important: please note we offer a daily cleaning service that has a minimum service level of chargeable hours per week.