Client Communication

At Cleaning Assurance, we are committed to providing strong communication in every aspect. Whether communicating with our clients or our staff, we invest and develop procedures to aid this. Such communication ensures that cleaning services like our daily cleaning service are delivered in a disciplined approach and high standards are maintained continuously.

Client Communication

A primary example of this at work is our Client Perception Audits. This, in addition to the Operational Management Team, contributes immeasurably to the development of strong business relationships with our clients.

The Client Care Helpdesk provides:

  • A Commitment to communication and quality control.
  • An additional point of contact for clients with concerns, complaints – or indeed praise.
  • Confidentiality should it be required.
  • Completion of our Perception Audit, via the telephone.
  • Corrective action management and tracking to a timely completion.
  • A daily link to the Company Directors.

Client Perception Audits

At predetermined intervals our client care help desk will ask for your opinions on the following key performance level indicators:

  • Continuous reliable service
  • Cleaning standards
  • Rapid response to situations or complaints
  • Professional and efficient communication
  • Fully trained cleaning staff
  • Effectiveness of quality audits
  • Management control and communication
  • Support from the management team
  • Presentation of cleaning staff
  • Staff attendance and time keeping
  • Flexibility of service
  • Compliance with identity and security

Corrective action plans are raised on failures and subsequently monitored, with a target date set at a maximum 4 days for ‘sign off’.

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Important: please note we offer a daily cleaning service that has a minimum service level of chargeable hours per week.