Staff Time Attendance

It is crucial that hours worked are recorded accurately for many reasons, including-

  • Optimum Operational Input
  • Client not paying for hours not worked
  • Cleaning Assurance not paying for wages not earned
  • Correct payment to all staff
  • Fair reward linked to reliability and effort

This system has proved over many years to be an invaluable asset in the efficient management of contracts

Cleaning Assurance operate “TELELOG” a remote, technologically sophisticated system that controls and records staff attendance.  This is how it works-

  1. Staff arrive on site
  2. Staff call a free phone number from the client site – at Cleaning Assurance’ expense
  3. Staff enter their own Personal Identification Number
  4. System can also use a variety of safety measures for employee verification
  5. System can give individuals or groups messages from Head Office
  6. Computer logs the employee as present
  7. System reports all absenteeism to Cleaning Assurance
  8. Staff use system again to log out
  9. Log In/Out Data monitored by Head Office on a minute by minute basis
  10. Confirmed Data used to collate Payroll Information

There are many benefits to the system, including-

  • Instils timekeeping discipline
  • Wasted Operational time is reduced
  • Maintains absenteeism reports
  • Streamlines Payroll – reducing overheads
  • Controls largest expense of the contract
  • Provides open, irrefutable information
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Important: please note we offer a daily cleaning service that has a minimum service level of chargeable hours per week.