July 30, 2019
Can Professional Cleaners Help Reduce the Risk of Fire?


It’s all about good housekeeping!

Risk Assessors often say the risk of fire is poor housekeeping. A Professional cleaning company fulfils a key role in helping fire safety precautions in the building they service.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 stipulates that all commercial properties should have a fire risk assessment carried out in accordance with these regulations.  It’s a good indication to an assessor if there’s poor housekeeping in a building because it’s likely there will be other shortcomings in fire safety precautions too.

The disposal of rubbish

If rubbish is not disposed of correctly or stored for a period time in an inappropriate location this could become a fire hazard. If rubbish or other items are left along a fire escape route this is also a real danger. It can increase the chances of a random fire or arson attack causing significant damage and can also block off escape routes allowing occupants to exit the building.

Employing a professional commercial cleaner to keep premises clean and maintain good housekeeping is an ideal way to meet fire safety compliance. This can help to keep the escape routes clear and ensure any unnecessary combustible materials are removed from buildings on a regular basis.

Vigilant for Fire Safety Hazards

Whilst servicing the building professional cleaning operatives can be vigilant and detect areas where there are fire risks. Items such as overloaded plugs sockets or heaters that have been left on.

Cleaning extractor fans and keeping them free from obstruction means there will be less build-up of dust, dirt or grease which could create a fire risk or an electrical short circuit.

Cleaning operatives can also be vigilant to cupboards housing the utility meters being kept empty and clear of flammable materials, so they are no where near a source of ignition.

If fire doors are found to be open or defective this can also be reported and dealt with accordingly.

Combustible materials

Do you allow smoking on the perimeter of your building? This is another fire risk which can be avoided by ensuring they are located away from escape routes and that ashtrays or bins are regularly emptied.

Flammable materials

Any flammable materials should be stored in the appropriate location. If a cleaning operative spots something that doesn’t look right, it can be reported and handled accordingly.

Finding Professional Cleaning Services

To be honest it’s probably common sense that clean orderly buildings using good housekeeping procedures are less at risk of fire.

Cleaning Assurance Cleaning Operatives are highly trained and become familiar with the buildings they service. Having knowledge of the building and good communication means they will convey any concerns to the appropriate person in good time so that issues can be rectified.

Our policy states that cleaning operative should ‘Take particular care to work safely and working to the safe system of working practices. To work safely at all times and to report any accidents or incidents in a timely manner.’

The cleaning of office premises and other commercial spaces on a daily basis is probably the most effective way to maintain good housekeeping and keep your premises in a clean and hygienic standard.

For a large business the organisation the requirement to get the premises cleaned can be complicated. Cleaning Assurance can take that challenge away. If you would like to find out more how we can help you maintain your workplace housekeeping standards contact us on info@cleaningassurance.com, call 0844 247 9294 or simply get in touch here where you can also make an appointment.