October 14, 2019
Global Handwashing Day 15th October 2019

Next week is Global Handwashing Day – a day dedicated to advocating washing hands with soap.

Particularly in developing nations, proper handwashing is an easy, effective, and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives. The risk of respiratory infection has also been found to be lowered. Evidence suggests that communities with soap and water amenities have a sense of pride and comfort.

Founded by Global Handwashing Partnership, Global Handwashing Day is about encouraging people all over the world to wash their hands with soap at key times such as after toileting and before eating or preparing food.

For some however, access to clean water is limited with the water source miles away from home. The installation of sinks and tippy taps help to overcome this. A tippy tap consists of a large water container, a few poles or long sticks, some string and some soap. They are cost-effective, easy to construct and maintain they are usually built from locally sourced materials.

The Global Handwashing Day campaign was initiated in 2008 when over 120 million children from more than 70 countries washed their hands with soap. Since then word has spread. Governments, Community and National leaders are keen to demonstrate this simple but valuable method that can prevent diseases and save lives.

Year on year Global Handwashing Day grows. It is endorsed by Governments, education establishments, non-Government organisations and private companies. This year’s theme is ‘Clean Hands for All’ to continue the drive for handwashing facilities and effective handwashing for everyone no matter what their circumstances or where they live.

Here in the UK we have a good water supply and handwashing facilities. So, there’s not really any excuse for not following hygienic practices every day not just on Global Handwashing Day!

The World Health Organisation advocates a 12-step checklist to wash hands:

  • Recommended duration should be 40-60 seconds
  • Wet your hands with water
  • Apply soap to all the surfaces of your hands
  • Rub your hands palm to palm
  • Move your right hand over your left hand with interlaced fingers and vice versa
  • Ensure your hands are palm to palm and interlaced
  • The backs of your fingers should be matched to your opposing palms with fingers interlocked
  • Rotationally rub your left thumb in clasped right hand and vice versa
  • Continue rotational rubbing backwards and forwards with your clasped fingers of your right hand in your left palm and vice versa
  • Rinse hands with running water
  • Dry your hands thoroughly with a single use towel
  • Use this towel to turn off the tap

This is a great opportunity to get involved. For ideas on how you can participate click here. You can use twitter to tweet your support and spread the word here.

As a professional cleaning service provider, Cleaning Assurance contributes significantly to the cleanliness and hygiene of workplaces and offices. Handwashing is an integral part of that process too. If you would like to discuss your office cleaning requirements, contact us today. Alternatively, click here to make an appointment.