August 13, 2019
How to be Responsible with Chemical Dispensing

Reputable professional cleaning companies use good quality cleaning solutions which contain chemicals for optimal cleaning performance.

To avoid the guesswork of  just pouring random amounts of the cleaning chemicals for dilution, there are more accurate dosing systems available. These systems ensure the right amount of chemical is used for the cleaning task in hand. They also help to control the cost of product usage and guarantee user safety.

Cleaning Assurance use an e:dose range supplied by Evans Vanodine. It delivers products easily and economically. They are supplied in simple, colour-coordinated bottles to encompass all significant sections of the daily cleaning schedule.

The super concentrate cleaning products, formulated by selecting highly effective ingredients and combining them with perfumes, provide exceptional cleaning performance. They are also available fragrance free for areas where a perfumed product is not appropriate to use.

How to Reduce Environmental Impact

Cleaning Assurance is committed to limiting damage to the environment. As a result, we only use a manufacturer whose cleaning and hygiene products are developed with minimal effect on the environment, but which offer optimum performance.

Using E:dose means:

  • Our carbon footprint is reduced
  • By using the e:dose system we are diluting chemicals at the point of use and sourcing water locally, which minimises transport costs and carbon emissions.
  • The precise dosing measurements provide cost-in-use benefits
  • We minimise chemical wastage.
  • We can re-use the same spray bottle to reduce waste packaging compared to ready-made chemicals.
  • The product has the Wright Environmental Impact Rating (W.E.I.R). This is a unique system, copyrighted to Evans Vanodine Int plc. It assesses the overall environmental impact of a product taking into account the formulation, manufacture, use and disposal of product. The impact rating is determined using the following criteria:
    • Raw materials used
    • Risk of release to the environment
    • Environmental hazard classification
    • Impact of water used in product
    • Impact of usage
    • pH
    • Impact of energy used to prepare & manufacture a finished product

The Advantages of a Dosing System

Whilst manual guesswork of dosing may be quick, easy and cheap, a formal dosing system has several advantages:

  • Avoidance of human contact with neat chemicals at point of delivery
  • Cost benefit where only what is required is used
  • Aid sustainability
  • Reliable
  • Accurate
  • Consistent Results

Cleaning Assurance currently use:

  1. EC6 (Blue) All Purpose – 1 Litre Concentrate
  2. EC9 (Red) Washrooms – 1 Litre Concentrate
  3. EC7 (Green) Heavy Duty – 1 Litre Concentrate

The diagram below shows how each is used:



Robust Environmental Policy

Cleaning Assurance recognise that cleaning, and delivery operations impact on the environment. We are a responsible company, committed to minimising any potentially harmful effects.

We have made a cultural and financial commitment to comply with all applicable legal obligations. This also includes other requirements relevant to the environmental impacts of the company’s activities.

To ensure that performance can be monitored we have various objectives and targets in place:

  • To develop awareness on the part of clients, suppliers, employees and sub-contractors to ensure that any activity will have a minimal adverse effect on the environment.
  • To manage waste efficiently through separating it, recycling and safely disposing waste materials and packaging.
  • To reduce the use of fossil fuels. We plan journeys and deliveries efficiently considering CO² emissions when procuring vehicles and machinery.
  • To choose suppliers, wherever possible, who are able to supply products that are recyclable or have a minimal effect on the environment.

We understand the pressures faced by large businesses to meet their own environmental policy obligations. Cleaning Assurance will work with you to meet these demands whilst taking care of the full management of your cleaning service. We can offer you complete peace of mind on every aspect and you can be confident that the job will be conducted to exacting high standards.

If you would like to find out more how we can help you, click here. Alternatively, contact us today to discuss your cleaning requirements.