October 7, 2019
How to Win the Battle of Hot Desk Germs

Flexible work practices are on the rise. The introduction of hotdesking and work hubs means this type of practice is more commonly used. It’s all about reducing costs and boosting productivity. For the employee, flexible working can increase motivation and commitment.

That said, we all know how it is when one person gets a cold, it soon spreads through the workforce because the workplace is the perfect place for sharing bacteria and viruses. Colds, flu, norovirus or worse, salmonella, E. Coli, Staphylococcus and Campylobacter are highly transferable. It’s transmitted from the nose mouth or eye to a hand for onward travel!

It all comes down to poor hygiene. Employees going off sick means a fall in productivity and a reduced workforce who will inevitably be exposed to the same germs especially in the flu and cold season.

Tips to reduce the risk of germ transfer

Everyone should be encouraged to:

  • Wipe shared equipment with an antibacterial wipe
  • Use antibacterial soap and effective hand drying methods such as paper towels or hand dryers
  • Wash hands at every opportunity particularly after a visit to the washroom
  • Use antibacterial hand gel if facilities to wash hands is not available
  • Avoid eating at the desk, but if necessary move the keyboard away
  • Throw away all food packaging so it doesn’t encourage flies or other pests!
  • Dispose of any tissues after use
  • Avoid sneezing or coughing into hands – this will help to avoid the germs being transferred onto hands for onward transmission!

It is vital to have good hygiene practices in place, and this will help to prevent the accumulation of bacteria not only in those offices with flexible working or hotdesking policies but those with standard work practices. Using notices or posters will make sure hygiene is always in mind.

Daily Cleaning to beat the germs

Cleaning Assurance believes harmful bacteria and bugs can be overcome by consistency of cleaning and hygiene plus using the right products.

It’s recommended that workspaces are cleaned daily, particularly areas where food is prepared or toilet facilities. Whilst employees should be expected to maintain hygiene and cleanliness, regular, daily cleaning will back this up.

Cleaning Assurance uses chemicals that pass EN 1276 which kills bacteria in dirty conditions. BS EN 1276 is the European standard for the bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants as proof of effective infection control against harmful micro-organisms In order to pass this standard, products have been tested by an independent laboratory and must prove a bacteria kill rate of 99.999% within 5 minutes.

If you would like all the benefits of having a clean workplace then Cleaning Assurance has the solution for you. If you are currently looking to contract an exceptional professional cleaning service provider or are coming to the end of an existing contract, we’d like to help. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, click here and make an appointment.