April 16, 2019
Keep it Clean – It Could Make you Happier and More Productive

According to Joseph Addison ‘Cleanliness may be defined to be the emblem of purity of mind’. But there could be a greater incentive for being clean and uncluttered, because all the evidence points to cleanliness being good for mental health.

The Psychology of Cleanliness

Studies have found a direct correlation between the wellbeing of workers and the effects on productivity. This is because being clean in either the home or workplace will encourage clarity and a more organised state of mind.

Evidence suggests that messiness causes a difficulty to focus and achieve. Being messy and unclean can make you feel unsettled and less able to process information. It also supports the theory that those surrounded by clutter or unfinished projects were more likely to be depressed or low. In contrast, those with good mental wellbeing were generally surrounded by uncluttered calm and serenity!

Get Organised

Any reluctance to clean up may be based on time and effort. Human instinct is to deviate from doing things we don’t enjoy and focus on those we do. We get accustomed to the way things are, knowing things should change but never really making cleaning and tidying up a priority! It’s perceived to be time consuming, boring and just too much effort!

But whatever the size of your workplace, like your home, it has to be cleaned. For those who have a significantly sized business premises the organisation of this can be a real headache.

Cleaning is the Assurance of Good Mental Health

If you would like all the benefits of having a clean workplace but want to save time and avoid the hassle and organisation of the cleaning, then Cleaning Assurance has the solution for you. We can help you provide the workplace which will encourage your employees and well as yourself to get into the right mindset for a productive day.

Here’s how Cleaning Assurance can help you:

  • We take care of the management of the service
  • A client care helpdesk in addition to Area Management
  • Outstanding, fully trained and reference checked operatives
  • Competitive prices to meet your budget with open and transparent quotes.
  • Tailored operating procedures to meet the needs of your site
  • Exceptional levels of customer service

If you are currently looking to contract an exceptional professional cleaning service provider or are coming to the end of an existing contract, we’d like to help. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, click here and make an appointment.