June 14, 2019
Keeping In touch with Innovation

Cleaning Assurance would recommend anyone who has responsibility for cleaning, hygiene or facilities management to attend the Cleaning Show. The three-day event includes exhibitors including suppliers, manufacturers, training organisations, and trade organisations who are all involved in the cleaning, facilities management and waste management sectors.

It is held bi-annually and we have found it to be a great source of information, particularly in terms of innovative products and services and keeping in touch with the latest trends. Being able to try out equipment before buying, see demonstrations and learn new techniques ensures we are well informed about the latest technology in the industry.

Small Floor Scrubber Dryer

With this in mind, we wanted to source new small floor scrubber dryers. We know that floors that receive high traffic require regular cleaning and that would be time consuming and very labour intensive using the traditional mop and bucket.A floor scrubber dryer works by scrubbing, cleaning and drying the floor in one pass. They are exceptionally efficient, saving considerable time and labour compared to using a mop and bucket. Using a scrubber dryer ensures uniformity and consistency every time. They are small and manoeuvrable giving them the operator the ability to access awkward to get to spaces.

Health and Safety has to be a consideration at all times. A scrubber dryer dries the floor simultaneously so there is  the added advantage of a reduced hazard of  slips or falls.

This type of machine has been found to be more hygienic in comparison to other conventional cleaning methods.  The limited manual labour that the operator has to exert allows for a larger floor area to be cleaned. Therefore, the time to clean floors is also reduced increasing productivity. Using floor scrubber dryers helps to quickly remove grime, grease, and dirt which are usually difficult to remove.

Environmentally Friendly

In line with our Environment policy, the floor scrubber dryer can use environmentally friendly approved chemicals,  combined with a water system which reduces the  quantity of sullage or waste water produced. The amount of chemicals released into the environment is also limited.

The floor scrubber dryer’s faster, cleaner and safer operation makes it one of the best methods to clean floors in the cleaning industry. For these reasons, Cleaning Assurance have invested in state of the art floor scrubber dryers to ensure we are at maximum productivity with excellent results.

It is excellent results that we strive for as a company in order to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. As well as this, we believe there are many other benefits to be gained from the services Cleaning Assurance provides. Here’s how:

  • We take care of the entire management of the service
  • A client care helpdesk in addition to Area Management
  • Outstanding, fully trained and reference checked operatives
  • Competitive prices to meet your budget with open and transparent quotes.
  • Tailored operating procedures to meet the needs of your site

Offering peace of mind by taking care of everything.

Our client feedback speaks for itself. With extensive experience of cleaning contracts across many sectors including Offices & Education, Retail Stores, Leisure, Radio, Television & Films, Food Preparation, Research, Distribution, NHS Primary Care Trust and the Manufacturing Environment we consider ourselves to be experts in our field.

If you are currently looking to contract an exceptional professional cleaning service provider or are coming to the end of an existing contract, we’d like to help. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, click here and make an appointment.