Alison Doke, Headteacher Studlands

I would highly recommend Cleaning Assurance. Due to staff resignations from December 2013 I contacted Cleaning Assurance on the recommendation of another local school and they were very efficient in setting up an initial meeting with me and providing a quotation quickly so that I could share it with my chair of governors.

As soon as Cleaning Assurance started with us, the staff and children commented on how clean the school looked – it was noticeably much better than we had had previously.  The team provide quality assurance checks of their own, and re-trained an existing cleaner I had to ensure that her cleaning was to the standard they expect.  In terms of locking and unlocking, the team are very reliable, but also very flexible – they unlocked very early when our school was being used as a polling station.

I have been very impressed with the quality of cleaning and the work ethic of the staff that Cleaning Assurance employ.

With regard to any issues, there was only one potential issue which was when one of the cleaners resigned just as we were entering a holiday period.  Measures were put in place by Cleaning Assurance immediately to ensure that we were not without a cleaner until they found someone to fill the post permanently.  Likewise, if there is staff sickness, either one of the existing cleaners will increase their hours for that period, or a relief cleaner is put in place immediately, so the quality of work never dips.

The Cleaning Assurance contract has saved us £6000 on what we had in place before with a much higher quality of cleanliness in our school.

I would be happy to Cleaning Assurance with any potential clients.