September 16, 2019
Thank Your Cleaner Day Coming Soon!

We all want everything clean yet whilst it’s one of the most important industries in the world, it can be undervalued by those who enjoy a cleaning service.

The cleaning sector provides an essential service to many organisations. Without it, our workplaces, hospitals, schools, transport and many public spaces would not be the clean and welcoming places we very often take for granted. The workforce behind this daily transformation is made up of well over half a million people.

So, if you benefit from cleaning services, here’s your opportunity to say ‘thank you’! You can do this by participating in ‘Thank Your Cleaner Day’. This day originated in New Zealand in 2015 and is now a global scheme for businesses around the world to acknowledge the value and hard work their cleaning operatives offer.

Thank Your Cleaner Day


Kärcher is partnering with the Cleaning and Support Services Association (CSSA) as well as other cleaning contractors in the UK to promote the message and encourage universal recognition of ‘Thank Your Cleaner Day’.

This day is an opportunity to champion your appreciation of your cleaning operatives and the value of the work they carry out. It will help to drive a change of culture in the industry and encourage cleaning as a valued resource not just a cost. It’s also about improving the status and understanding of the industry’s professionalism and representing the cleaning industry in the media positively.

Planning to Thank Your Cleaner?


Over the years, activities to celebrate have included events such as morning breakfasts, afternoon teas and barbecues for the cleaning teams. However, it can also be about just thanking your cleaner by writing them a note, giving them a small gift or simply just saying ‘Thank you’!

Thank Your Cleaner Day has become bigger every year with 18 countries taking part in 2018. This year there are more who want to showcase the cleaning industry in their country.

This is a great opportunity to thank your cleaning team on this year’s ‘Thank Your Cleaner Day’ which will be held on 16 October 2019. For ideas on how you can participate click here. You can post any pictures and comments on social media using

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