May 17, 2019
Top Tips for a Good Working Relationship

Anyone starting their working life will soon begin to realise just how important effective communication is. Good communication, not only between colleagues but more importantly clients and suppliers, is one of the key skills that employers look for in prospective employees.

The reputation of a business can be enhanced by open and honest communication. It nurtures trust and confidence. Here’s how:

Be Transparent

A business that has a receptive, sincere and friendly approach with its clients will create strong working relationships. This style of communication creates a lot of goodwill with customers looking for open and honest partners or suppliers to work with.

Explaining processes and any other relevant information also makes things clear. Giving regular updates will leave a client confident that everything is in hand. But when things go wrong being quick to own up and provide a solution. This will most likely give rise to more patience and understanding.

Take the Call

Regular contact with a client helps to build trust. Being able to make contact easily and get a speedy response is sure to gain respect too. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to leave a voicemail every time or speak to other members of the team who don’t have all the answers. If a call can’t be answered the first time, getting back at the first opportunity will again show commitment to a working relationship.  

Likewise putting out of the office on emails and voicemail with a date of return or an alternative reliable and knowledgeable contact will reinforce this trust.

It’s All About Clarity

Clear and concise language means you will both have a good understanding of what is required and meet expectations. Using business terminology or acronyms can cause confusion and possible misunderstanding. Ending a conversation with a summary of what’s been agreed ensures everyone is clear on the next steps too.

Keep it Friendly

It’s not necessary to be best mates with a client, but it does help if you can build a good rapport from the start! Regular and close communication will enable a bond to be built up to really get to know the expectations and methods of working.

Communication is also about Listening. Really hearing, taking on board what is required and acting on it is vital. Once you have a good working relationship, it’s about maintaining it, being ahead of the game, anticipating needs and providing solutions.

Communication is the key to the success of a business and it’s certainly true for Cleaning Assurance. Committed to strong communication in every aspect, we are proud of the measures we have in place. This communication ensures that cleaning services such as our daily cleaning service are delivered with a disciplined approach and high standards are maintained continuously in keeping with our clients’ expectations.

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