September 30, 2019
Why Microfiber Cleaning Products are so Effective

There has been a massive increase in the popularity and use of microfiber cleaning items. From cloths to mops, dusters and towels what’s all the fuss about?

It’s simple, they’re very effective. Microfiber products are designed for efficiency, require less effort and in some cases don’t need additional chemicals either.

What is Microfibre?

Every fibre is measured by Denier. This is a unit of measurement that defines the thickness of individual threads in textiles and fabrics. Microfiber is classified as less than 1 denier giving it a fine, lightweight and soft texture. The average human hair is 20 denier which gives some idea of how fine microfibre actually is.

A microfiber cloth or towel will be a blend of polyester and nylon (polyamide). During manufacture, the fibre is split so there are spaces in each fibre. It is the space and the fibre that make them so absorbent. It is for this reason microfibre clothing or furniture is not split because the absorption is not required.

What makes Microfiber Effective?

Any microfibre that is not split will not be as effective to clean because it lacks absorbency. A good test to see if it has been split is to see if it catches on the skin when handled. Alternatively, push some surface water with the microfibre, If it absorbs the water, it is split.

Dust and dirt are negatively charged. Microfibre is positively charged. Just like a magnet, it means dirt and dust are naturally attracted to Microfibre! It is only by washing or rinsing the microfibre that it releases dirt and dust.

The tiny Microfibers are not able to remove anything smaller than themselves. As most bacteria are generally smaller than the microfibers, up to 99% of bacteria is wiped away by cloths or mops. They are therefore considered to be antibacterial.

Why Microfiber is Environmentally Friendly

A microfibre cloth can be re-used and washed or rinsed to freshen it up over and over again. Little or no chemicals are required when using microfiber products.

Advantages of Using Microfiber Cleaning Products

Cleaning Assurance uses microfiber cloths for the following reasons:

  • Durable
  • Robust
  • Elimination of up to 99% bacteria
  • 3 times more effective than traditional cloths
  • Traps dirt, grime and dust which are not released until washed in hot water
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost effective

We have a colour-code system in place so our cleaning operatives can ensure there is less risk of cross-contamination whilst ensuring a superior finish is left on all surfaces.

We understand the pressures faced by large businesses to meet the demands of keeping a workplace properly cleaned. Cleaning Assurance will work with you to meet these demands whilst taking care of the full management of your cleaning service. We can offer you complete peace of mind on every aspect and you can be confident that the job will be conducted to exacting high standards.

If you would like to find out more how we can help you call 0844 247 9294 or email at  We will be pleased to help answer any questions you may have.