September 26, 2019
Is it time to find a new Cleaning Contractor?

Having a clean and orderly workplace is not just about hygiene, it could be the foundation for the success of your business.  A clean workspace also provides a happy and healthier environment in which to work. This in turn, will impact positively on morale and productivity. Not only that, what a fantastic first impression it creates for perspective clients too!

Knowing this to be the case, a good Contract Cleaning Service provider is an integral part of your business success and therefore, should perform to the exacting standards you have agreed at the start of the contract. In other words, it means working together to meet common goals with commitment and hard work.

There could be problems ahead if you are you noticing any of the following problems:

Areas left uncleaned

If areas of your business have not been cleaned and are in the same condition it was left in the night before it will have an impact on your workforce. It means that your own employees are likely to have to clear up which diverts them from their usual work tasks. Even if it’s just one toilet, a floor or a small surface left uncleaned or not wiped down it shouldn’t happen.


The safety of your building and your employees should be of paramount importance to everyone working there. Cleaning operatives should be using warning signs to highlight issues that may compromise this. Slipping on wet floors can be avoided by using wet floor signs. Cleaning chemicals and or hazardous products should be stored, dispensed and used appropriately. If you find this is not happening it could lead to safety issues.


Are you finding that consumable supplies frequently run low or run out? Are your employees constantly having to look for toilet roll, paper towels or soap? If your contract includes the supply of consumables, your cleaning contractor is not fulfilling their commitments.


If you find you are constantly having to chase your cleaning contractor for answers to any of the issues above, this is an additional burden on your valuable time. Not getting the answer you are looking for or being fobbed off, can only mean it’s time to replace them with a reputable Cleaning Contractor. 

Cleaning Assurance is the solution. We strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

We believe that honest assessment of cleaning standards is key to a thriving contract. We continue to invest much time, effort, training and financial resource in developing the finest reporting structure. This includes Daily inspections, Monthly Audits by Area Aanagement and regular Client Perception Audits.

It is also our belief that it is crucial that hours worked are recorded accurately for many reasons, including:

  • Optimum Operational Input
  • Client not paying for hours not worked
  • Cleaning Assurance not paying for wages not earned
  • Correct payment to all staff
  • Fair reward linked to reliability and effort
  • This system has proved over many years to be an invaluable asset in the efficient management of contracts

We operate “TELELOG” a remote, technologically sophisticated system that controls and records staff attendance. This has key benefits:

  • Instils timekeeping discipline
  • Wasted Operational time is reduced
  • Maintains absenteeism reports
  • Streamlines Payroll – reducing overheads
  • Controls largest expense of the contract
  • Provides open, irrefutable information

As well as this, we believe there are many other benefits to be gained from the services we provide. Here’s how you can benefit:

  • We take care of the entire management of the service
  • A client care help desk in addition to Area Management
  • Outstanding, fully trained and reference checked operatives
  • Competitive prices to meet your budget with open and transparent quotes.
  • Tailored operating procedures to meet the needs of your site

Are you unhappy with your current cleaning provider or you are coming to the end of a contract? Do you wish to test the market for a reputable cleaning contractor? If so, we would be pleased to discuss your requirements. Please call us on 0844 247 9294 or email You can also contact us or make an appointment via our website.