July 5, 2019
Top Tips to Great Customer Service

Whether you’re in a shop, restaurant or hotel, wherever it is, we all expect to be treated with respect and offered friendly and efficient service. After all, if we’re spending money it’s an entitlement isn’t it?

Very often, the key to a successful business is offering exceptional service that leaves the customer feeling valued and respected. Standing out in a crowded market is essential for a business to flourish so providing excellent service levels is vital. It is likely to involve extra time and money, but this will pay dividends because getting it right will put you ahead of the competition.

Your reputation will eventually become synonymous with high standards with outstanding customer service drawing interest from prospective customers and encouraging existing ones to stay with you.

Here are our top tips to great service:

  • Get to know your customers so you can fully understand and start to anticipate their needs. They then know they haven’t been forgotten and you have their interests in mind
  • Treat your customers with respect at all times. Greet them in person with a friendly warm smile or jovially on the phone.
  • Make your customers feel valued by being available, open and honest
  • Your customers are important to you so demonstrate it to them. Addressing them by name or asking after them makes them feel they are important to you.
  • Always apologise if things go wrong. Deal with any a problem quickly and rectify it fully. Maintain a professional attitude even if thing get a little tense. Learn from mistakes – there’s nothing worse than the same problem occurring again!
  • Promptly follow through any action you have agreed to do on behalf of a customer
  • Ask for feedback on your service levels. You may think you are doing well but until it’s confirmed by your customers you won’t really know. If the feedback highlights specific problem areas, fix them and then thank the customer for helping in this way.
  • Your employees are the face of your business. In most cases it will be the employees who have the most contact with the customers both face to face and on the telephone. Treat them well and with respect and this will filter through to the way they deal with customers. Clients visiting your workplace will also pick up on the positive vibes created from a happy working environment.
  • Keep customers informed of progress if what you are trying to do for them is delayed or slower than expected. Good communication is so important.
  • Always aim to exceed customer expectations – by giving them more than they expect, you will build loyalty.

Cleaning Assurance is synonymous with high standards and outstanding customer service. Client feedback clearly demonstrates our commitment to both.

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