July 13, 2019
How much does Professional Cleaning Cost?

It’s all about first impressions, so a clean and welcoming workspace is essential. Cleaning is vital and trusting professional cleaning experts with this task allows you to concentrate on more important jobs you need to do. But how much does it cost to hire a professional cleaning company?

Factors to consider

A quote will depend on the exact business requirements and the specification of works. You will need to be wary of cheap quotes where operative output per square metre ratios are unachievable. Although budgets need to be considered, it may come as a surprise but choosing a high calibre reputable professional cleaning company can save money in the end!

The price is usually calculated by the hours required to complete the specification of work combined with the frequency of service – labour costs range between 70% to 80% of the contract value.

Additional Benefits Built into the Price

There are several factors to consider which add value to the service provided by a professional cleaning company. All will save you time, money and in some cases a lot of aggravation!

  • Recruitment of operatives

Pay scales, holiday leave, sickness and maternity/paternity leave and pay are handled by the cleaning Company.

Cleaning Assurance treat employees with respect & recognise with merit their achievements & abilities. In the majority of contracts our staff are paid over and above the National Living wage This strategy has proven to attract high calibre staff and maintains consistency of service and improves staff retention.

  • Safety

Professional cleaners adhere to health and safety guidelines. As a result, potentially dangerous objects will be picked up or moved, removing trip hazards and clutter. reducing fire risks too.

  • Reduction of germs

A good cleaning regime will remove millions of germs from surfaces and this will reduce cross contamination. Less staff will take sick days because the spread of illness will be reduced.

  • Staff satisfaction

Letting a professional cleaning company take care of your cleaning requirements, means your staff can focus on their important tasks. A clean work environment makes for a happier and productive workforce.

  • Save Time

No staff training will be required as a professional cleaning company will ensure their cleaning operatives are trained accordingly. They will be experienced and have a deeper knowledge of cleaning techniques. Cleaning operatives who regularly work in specialist workplaces such as laboratories or kitchens, will be familiar with its idiosyncrasies.

  • Sickness

A professional cleaning company will make sure that cover is provided if their regular cleaning operative is off sick. This way the level of service received will be uninterrupted.

  • Communication

Building a good working relationship with their client, means the cleaning company will be fully aware of any potential problems and sort them out quickly.

  • Go Green

Responsible cleaning companies will use eco-friendly products and take their corporate social obligations seriously, having an environmental policy in place.

  • All the Extras

A professional cleaning company will also cover:

  1. Insurance should any damage or accidents occur.
  2. Security – staff will have been vetted to ensure they can be trusted and are responsible
  3. Equipment – a professional company will have access to up to date equipment and cleaning products for carrying out a high standard cleaning service.

Finding the right Professional Cleaning Company

Getting the right company for your business is imperative – can you afford not to get it right?

Cleaning Assurance can help you. We offer an unparalleled degree of personal attention to our clients which we believe demonstrates the importance we place on customer care. You can rest assured that we deal with every aspect of our service and you will need to have very little or no input once it is implemented.

In addition to all of the above you will also benefit from:

  • A client care helpdesk as well as Area Management
  • Outstanding, fully trained and reference checked operatives
  • Competitive prices to meet your budget with open and transparent quotes.
  • Tailored operating procedures to meet the needs of your site
  • Exceptional levels of customer service

If you are coming to the end of your cleaning contract, looking for an alternative service provider or have found a need for one, look no further. Cleaning Assurance can meet all your needs and more. Call me today on 0844 247 9294 or email me at info@cleaningassurance.com we would be pleased to discuss your requirements and give a full no obligation quote.